The REBALANCE Project 

Engaging Physiotherapists and gymnasts in the digital performance of their profession for distance guidance in physical exercise


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The goal
The Rebalance project aims to train physiotherapists and professional sports trainers in adapting to new technologies, tools and trends for their services' distant provision.  

 Professionals participating in our program will learn how to exploit new technologies in their sector, enhance their digital skills, and receive a final, free-to-use product to operate in their daily activities and support the distance guidance of their clients/ patients in physical endurance.

Training Curriculum 

Training plans to be created will represent different tools and technologies to be exploited in distance physical exercise and instruction.  

E-learning Course

A Learning Motivation System will host the interactive educational content and a knowledge validation function based on the Micro-credentials framework.  

Cross-Training Platform 

A dedicated platform to host instructional scenarios helping physiotherapists and trainers to provide targeted distant guidance during home physical exercise according to their clients’ needs.

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