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This is a dedicated virtual space for all interested people on the REBALANCE project scope and results. 
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The Rebalance Course hosted in a Learning Motivation Environment is available to any physiotherapist and sports trainer aiming to their continuous professional improvement and skills enhancement, especially providing their services face to face and through online platforms. The course can be used as well by VET educators in these fields and University Professors for their trainees. 
The course is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, Lithuanian, Greek and Portuguese. 
To find more on the Result access it through the Results page. 
You can directly access the course through the following button:

REBALANCE Physical Activities Platform

The REBALANCE Cross-Training Platform hosts physical activities with instructions and videos to be used by any interested user who aims to support their work-life balance through physical activities and workouts. 
The content is carefully created by our team of experts in physiotherapy and sports training and targets to improve the body circulation and structure of employees and users with excessive sitting hours or working from home. This tool can also support professionals (physiotherapists/ sports trainers) who aim to guide their clients in case of distant provision of their services. 

The tool is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, Lithuanian, Greek and Portuguese. 
You can directly access the tool through the following button:

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the questions below to learn more about our project's scope and results! If you still have some questions, you can contact us anytime!
The Rebalance project aims to train physiotherapists and professional sports trainers in adapting to new technologies, tools and trends for their services' distant provision. Furthermore, the project provides a dedicated platform with Physical Activities to support home physical exercise. Learn more by visiting the About section of the website.
Through the Website Menu and via the Results Section You can have access to the deliverables of the:
-REBALANCE Skills Enhancement Framework: This part includes all the educational framework and content developed in PDF format.
- REBALANCE Cross training Platform: This part includes information on the Web app developed to host the physical activities and videos.
You can contact us via the "Contact form" at the top Menu or via the "Live Chat". Once you submit your message the first available person will deal with your request.
In case you want to reach our local actors in the Netherlands, Finland, Cyprus & Greece, Lithuania, Ireland and Portugal visit the "Partners" section at the top menu to contact directly the project consortium.
Please Always check your Spam and Junk folders in your mailbox.
If you have done so and you are sure that you created an account with a correct email then contact our team for troubleshooting.