Work is a significant part of our life since we spend at least 1/3 of our day. The Covid-19 outbreak brought an immediate change in our work style and many people were forced to work permanently from home. Within the work from home concept, people exaggerating working hours reduce their movement and the balance of their physical activity. The limited physical activity and the non-ergonomic equipment worsen the body structure, and continuous aches in the back, neck, knees, and hands appear more recently. 
The COVID-19 restrictions brought in place the home fitness concept due to convenience and safety. These activities are based either on videos or fitness apps without the personalised guidance from professionals that can encounter the existing musculoskeletal problems of the user. 
This is a current challenge that appeared for professionals such as physiotherapists and trainers since they cannot assure that their guidance to their patients or clients would be enough to ensure that the execution of these activities would be successful at home without harming themselves. 
Physiotherapists and trainers can provide their services in real-time. When instructing their clients from a distance, they may lack the technical skills and knowledge to effectively guide them and ensure that their end practitioners do not harm themselves. 
The Rebalance project aims to solve these problems by identifying the following needs: 
  • The need to enhance training on performing physical exercises in circumstances when a physiotherapist or trainer is not available in real-time, using digital methods 
  • The need for physiotherapists and trainers to improve their services by implementing digital solutions that allow them to provide individualised assistance to their patients/clients, even if they can't teach them in real-time. 
  • To increase awareness about the negative effects of long periods of sitting on one's physical structure and health.  

To meet our aim, we want to develop an accessible online solution improving the conditions in which physiotherapists and trainers guide persons from a distance without dealing with generic training apps. Professionals following our program will learn how to use new technologies in their industry, develop their digital skills, and receive a final, product to operate their daily activities.  The project results are: 
  1. The E-learning course around new trends, applications and methods in home physical exercise. 
  2. The dedicated Cross-platform including instructional scenarios to help physiotherapists and trainers to help their clients/ patients with custom distant training solutions and guidance. 
Target Group
The project results are destined to: 
Directly: VET educators in physiotherapy and athletics/ Healthcare professionals related to physiotherapy/ Professional Trainers 

Indirectly: Employers/ Business owners / HR managers/ Employees with sedentary jobs


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